Saturday, 2 September 2006

Football and the 10 things I learned today

Today was a great day of anticipation for me. I awaited the first Saturday of football season like an 8 year old at Christmas. And I took full advantage of the day. Awaking at 7:00am to watch ESPN Gameday, I proceeded to watch 16 straight hours of football, ending just now about 5 minutes before 11:00pm. Aside from learning that yes, that is possible, I learned 10 valuable things today...

10. The SEC is better than the Pac-10. I hate the SEC with all my passion, but it's true.
9. They play that commercial with the random people humming the Monday Night Football song WAY, WAY, WAY too much.
8. Unlike what Lee Corso will tell you, Berkeley will not be winning the national championship, the Pac-10 championship, or even 8 games.
7. Nor. Cal and Washington are embarrassments to the Pac-10. (No, UW barely beating San Jose State doesn't redeem the state.)
6. Evidentially, the annual ACC rivalry game between Florida State and Miami always seems to have national title implications. I was only told this statement about 50 times today during every promo for the game. (And as a side note, I know it's a deep rivalry, but bidding it as this rich ACC tradition is lame since Miami only moved there 2 years ago.)
5. My girlfriend is still drinking her sorrows away.
4. The SEC still sucks.
3. I can spend an entire day watching football, and not feel behind in my law school work. AWESOME!
2. USC lost 91% of their offense from last year, and we're still amazing. Fight on!
1. Liz's sister is still hot.

PS - Please consult the links to the left if any of the information above is confusing to you.

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